About Us

With over 75 years of industry involvement, MODERN SALON Media is the leading information resource for the professional beauty community. Our family of integrated, multi-media brands serves and connect you, as a salon professional, at every stage of your career, uniquely providing a one-stop resource to address both your lifestyle and career life-cycle needs.
MODERN SALON Media’s core communities deliver inspiration, education and collaboration opportunities specific to each career segment:
  • those interested in a career in beauty (BeautySchoolAdvisor.com)
  • students and new stylists (FirstChair.com)
  • established stylists (ModernSalon.com)
  • salon owners and managers (SalonToday.com)
MODERN SALON Media connects beauty professionals across the broadest range of communications platforms: print, online, mobile, live events, video, podcasts, e-letters, blogs, social media, audience panels and ModernSalon.TV - to support your career in ways that best fit with your lifestyle.
Modern Salon Learning is our online resource for salon professionals committed to continuous growth and ongoing development of their technical cosmetology skills.  The online cosmetology courses that Modern Salon Learning offers are designed to be affordable, interactive (24/7) and fun.

Benefits include:
  • Convenience: Participants can start, stop and finish on their own schedule.
  • Affordability: Choose from a selection of enrollment plans or buy courses one by one.
  • Recognition: Upon successful completion of each online cosmetology course, participants receive a personalized certificate of completion.

The salon online course content is selected from the best of Modern Salon's leading technical education and leading industry stylists, and is delivered by Modern Salon in an easy-to-use, web-based, on-demand format. Salon online courses are designed for the working professional and incorporate practical, salon-tested techniques.

Stylists can take online cosmetology courses any time.

Salon owners and managers have a simple, affordable, measurable system to deliver continuing cosmetology education to more stylists, quickly assess new hires and customize training and development programs to address specific needs of individual stylists.