Here is what other salon professionals that took Modern Salon Learning online courses have to say about the program.

This was my first time taking an online course and I found it to be excellent. I have recommended it to several of my co-workers.

I completed the advanced hi lite course and loved it! I will take all classes, it was great. It is such a wonderful service, esp. for us smaller salon owners in the suburbs who cannot get to NY for these costly classes.
Thank you!
Gloria Profetto

This is one of the best concepts our industry has had so far. Thank you so much! I hope that you will continue with all forms of education classes. I have taken two of the courses and I am going to take all that you offer. They are great!! Let's face it, not all schools especially your technical public schools teach in the most academic way and therefore a lot of basics are never gotten. It does not mean that there are not some really good hairstylists out there maybe they did not receive the appropriate teaching in school. I think these courses are great and I hope you will continue to offer a range of courses because I for one will purchase all that you offer.
Xena Mcghin

I love what you are doing. This is my first time and I am highly encouraged that this method of learning new techniques is extremely valuable.

I'm from Puerto Rico, I saw the fantastic courses (already did the demo). Love the highlighting course....
Doris Miranda

I went through the demo class and it was great. I will recommend the site to our apprentice and associate trainees as well as our new talent. The photos are so good. I would include them in our "look books”. Please pass the word..."Great job".
Sandy Evenson

Thank you! These are so helpful, in the Upper Peninsula; classes are very few and far between. I always have to go to Green Bay or Appleton and that gets expensive. Keep 'em coming!
Chelsea Martin

Hi Congratulations! Wonderful learning site. As I live close to Alaska, in British Columbia, Canada, it is expensive to go south for courses. I find your ModernSalonLearning.com wonderful.
Jane Handforth

The terminology used was especially helpful and professional. I am so glad our profession has begun to use universal terms for haircutting, whether it be texturizing, or geometric cutting.

This is such a great idea! I was a stylist for many years when I decided to add foiling to my skills. You CANNOT believe how many avenues I tried; could not find any help!! I finally went to have my hair foiled by one of my competitors and she generously showed me how to do. This was a CRASH course, so I nervously pecked it out for weeks after. This is so much needed. MAYBE many stylists that would not otherwise further their skills WILL!! THANK YOU!!!!
Jody Leigh Rico

I think that this was very educational and it taught me some new tricks to show the other girls at the salon. I really enjoyed it.

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